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There are subtle RB letter, laser engraved on the left lens, and some laymen buyers sometimes think that there is a defect on the glass. Nosepiece is available in English RAYBAN 14K gold top, fake is copper, soon greenish. Ferrari engine do the rack gear alloy, durable material inside and outside as radiation Air Force Institute of Technology, FN-tech coating, blocking 97 percent of space rays, and 94.8% diffuse sunlight US naval aviation, helicopter pilot standard wear glasses, when in the sky and sea easily identify the direction, drive a car wearing a simply break a chopper. Ray Ban sunglasses was founded in the 1930s, the US Air Force and prepared specially for high-altitude shelter fierce light.

So Ray Ban Wayfarer are high-quality optical glass manufacturer, to bring you a number of outstanding advantages. Extraordinary anti-ultraviolet function. Very visual clarity. Lens color will not fade anytime day to ensure lasting for years. Picture frame. Double screw assembly, effectively consolidate lens. After rigorous twisted tests to ensure that the frame toughness and stability. Mirror arm radian special considerate skin. Weak end of arm design, can respond to face contour and for adjusting. Nose pads. Smooth and mellow nose pads, exceptionally docile. Embedded in a gooseneck arm care nose pad can do multi-directional shift, provide a more comfortable supporting force. Plastic part. Frame Tefal resilient cellulose acetate or nylon, with anti-burning, anti-chemical corrosion function, color will not fade away. In order to ensure smooth frame shape, so cellulose acetate or nylon frames are polished Procedure 4 days. Metal part."

The main metal connecting parts are welded after plating to prevent the frame appears debris, erosion and loss of luster. For fixed lenses wire tough and durable, can be arbitrarily adjust and consolidate lenses. Lens Characteristics. In the history of Ray-Ban 70 years, leading lens technology consumers protection has been in the industry leadership position. Ray-Ban lens through scientific designed to control glare, 100% prevent the invasion of harmful UV rays, effectively filter blue light and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical performance is very accurate, high-quality prescription eyeglasses and even beyond the industry standard.

Ray Ban Outlet qualities: Pure optical glass: glass is actually a large advantage in clarity, uniformity and stability. Impact resistance: Ray Ban glasses undergo heat and chemical treatment, that is, its impact resistance exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration. Durability: Because glass is particularly stable, its lens color even when exposed to the sun for several years and will not fade or change. Google join forces. According to foreign media reports, Google glasses gained a strong partner, and its design is expected to become more fashionable. Italian eyewear maker Luxottica announced on Monday that it has agreed for Google glasses design, development and distribution of the new version. Luxottica is a Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglasses brand owners. This is the latest sign of Google glasses glasses industry show an interest, although consumers of the benefits of the device remains uncertain [1]. Ray-Ban News.

2013 New Year, Ray-Ban insulation film officially visit CCTV, Ray-Ban brand insulation film trailer important distinction in the CCTV evening news on CCTV-1, CCTV-2 Economic Information Network and CCTV-4 China News plurality of channels time television broadcast period 1 - July. This is the car window film industry for the first mass start in the CCTV brand advertising, it is Le Pen insulation film, following 2006 after the second landing CCTV. Identification of common sense. Ray-Ban genuine and imitation goods I think the difference is not great, Italian version: MADE IN ITALY. Including glasses case and instructions are very like imitation, if genuine and imitation products together unless careful observation, whether the person is hard to find the difference between genuine imitation goods.